Doodahboo joins “Kidz in Mind” program!

We are really proud to announce that since May 2014 Doodahboo – Dreamware Solutions has become an official member of “Kidz in Mind” program. As mentioned onto their About Us website page “Kidz in Mind is a blog, a website, a selection of apps, and a community of parents (and grandparents) of children 0-6 years old. A protected playground where we present apps that will help our children grow and play in total safety. Each app has been tested, verified that it does not contain advertising, hidden payments or external links. Some of these app have been specially developed for Kidz in Mind with the support of experts in growth, nutritionists, pediatricians and specially hi-tech parents. Our mission is to make the time spent on smartphones and tablets fun but also useful and at the same time educational.” … let the Kidz in Mind adventure begin!

Click here to learn more about the “Kidz in Mind” program.